For Patrons

1. All images on Piktle are original works created by the Artists. Please browse through PIKTLE's amazing photography and photo art and enjoy the wonderful work. 

2. To buy a print (printed on archival quality paper), you pay for the cost of the print plus shipping, handling and taxes.

3. Prints will be printed for you when they are ordered and could take one to two weeks to ship. If you require a Custom Size print, let us know, most Artists will happily accommodate your request.

4. Prints are not matted or framed.

5. Shopify manages our shopping carts. All transactions are processed through Paypal or other secure services. Your credit card information doesn’t go through our servers.

6. For commissioned works you may contact the artists directly through a web search. For artists who’s contact info is not available via search, we will contact them for you and pass your info on to them.

7. Piktle has a 7 day return policy. Since almost all work are custom and printed when purchased. There is a 20% restocking fee and you will be responsible to ship the prints back to the artists.